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Black Dad's Acceptance of Gay Son Brings Twitter Followers To Tears

Twitter user @armanimoon brought many of his followers to tears on Wednesday when he tweeted a text message from his father who utilized the exchange to affirm his openly gay son accompanied by childhood photos.

"I'm [sic] will tell you a secret, wrote the father. "At that age you used to love playing with dolls...and I thought it was because you were surrounded by girls. And I know it was always in you. And too me you were perfect! Because you're mine son."

With the usual humor followers of @armanimoon have come to expect, he tweeted:

Hilarious! The sweet and affirming text was not lost on @armanimoon's followers, many of whom either never experienced this kind of acceptance from their own parents or did and took this moment to counter the narrative that parents of Black LGBTQ children are less accepting of their queer children.

To date, @armanimoon's initial tweet has been retweeted nearly 15,000 times and has received over 125,000 likes.

This is unconditional love in action. We love to see it!

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