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From 'Hollywood' to 'Pose:' Actor Jeremy Pope is Booked and Busy

Okay, we’ll admit it—we’re slightly obsessed with Broadway and rising television star Jeremy Pope. The two-time Tony Award nominee is creating early buzz for his performance as Archie, a talented screenwriter and sex worker in the upcoming Netflix series “Hollywood.” The new Ryan Murphy (GLEE, American Horror Story) series is a retelling of 1940s Hollywood where equality was the norm for women and LGBTQ people. 

Pope, who is openly gay, reportedly impressed Murphy so much that the television creator also cast him in the third series of the FX hit “Pose.” 

Murphy was so taken with Pope's performance in the series that he cast him in the third season of Pose, which had just started shooting in New York when the novel Coronavirus struck. The openly gay actor will play straight in the FX series, reveals Murphy, who adds: "I'm really interested in him doing that one, two punch of Hollywood as a gay person and Pose as a straight one." Pope, like the others, will remain with Hollywood, too, should the series continue to a second season.

“Ryan and I had an instant connection as creator and artist and what I appreciated was that he wanted to find this character together,” Pope said of his Archie character on Hollywood.

Hollywood debuts on Netflix on May 1. You can watch the trailer here. 

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