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WATCH: B Slade Releases Defiant New Social Justice Anthem ‘CHANGE’

Openly gay singer and 'artivist' B. Slade (formerly known as gospel singer Tonex') is channeling his rage and disappointment with the U.S. government's response to police brutality, racism, social unrest, and the coronavirus pandemic in a blistering and defiant new track simply titled CHANGE.

The independent artist released a lyric video for the new single on his website and YouTube channel on Monday. Slade doesn't hold back in the 4:28 video, which serves as a brutal indictment on the current state of political affairs, which ironically coincides on the day Louisville Police has declared a state of emergency in preparation for the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

Here's a sample of some of the lyrics from CHANGE.

There ain’t no future in your fronting
And y’all know y’all still out here fuc**ng!
I’m not a baby bruh, I’m grown
Don’t leave me standing out here all alone
That’s why I wrote this song
Because I know I’m not alone
What are we out here doing?
What are we out here saying?
People don’t care no more
So fu** it, I don’t care no more
If this is too much for you to handle
I was always too much to handle
There ain’t nothing new bout me
You don’t want authenticity
You don’t want sincerity
2020 brought me clarity
Now I see who you really are
No mask-wearing
Mail box wrecking
Racist muthafu**ers
Let’s go!
Homie, you don’t really want it!
Sis, you don’t really want it
I’m your nightmare opponent!
I’m walking in a new anointing!
Walking past all your bullets!
Nothing in your trigger, pull it!

B. Slade is a longtime friend and supporter of Living Out Loud 2.0. Readers of the original blog may recall our interview with Slade in 2009 shortly after he came out as gay in an interview with gospel artist and internet personality Lexi Allen. Slade was subsequently shunned from the Black church and the gospel music industry after revealing his truth. He has since forged ahead as an independent artist who has created some of the most soul-stirring and conscious Black LGBTQ affirming music while carving his own lane in an industry that still requires Black LGBTQ artists to remain closeted.

Watch B. Slade's lyric video for CHANGE below.

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