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WATCH: Chef Roblé Cooks Up A Pot Of Transphobia On Tik Tok, George Lee Reads His Recipe For Filth

Chef Roblé (left) and George Lee (right) participated in a heated exchange on Tik Tok and Instagram over Roblé's remarks about Black trans women.

This is one of those times when Chef Roblé should have just stayed in his kitchen and cooked his food.

The former Bravo television chef caused a stir on Tuesday after he left what many perceived to be a transphobic comment on a Tik Tok video posted by diversity and inclusion professional George Lee (@theconsciouslee). In the video, Lee directly challenges Black cishet men who are attracted to trans women to deal with their attraction and to refrain from

projecting their shame and insecurities outward, which often leads to the deaths of Black trans women.

They say a hit dog will holler and Chef Roblé wasn't going to miss this opportunity to uphold patriarchy and toxic masculinity by inferring that trans women invite assault and murder upon themselves.

Again, he should have just stayed in his kitchen and cooked his food.

@chefrobleI’m genuinely tryna figure what exactly you referencing or insinuating when you say “People get hurt and killed over shit like this”.. Are talking about Trans folks or People that advocates for their existence? Also what exactly did I say was bullshit? I’m looking forward to your reply

Lee definitely had more to say, and what followed was a college level lecture on gender identity that was condensed and dumbed down for all Roblé's watching.

Roblé's response:

Sure. Because disclosing right away has never cost a trans woman her life, right? I wish we could ask Selena Reyes-Hernandez this question, but unfortunately we can't because she was murdered for disclosing.

"Today’s lesson is brought to y’all by@chefrobleand these slick ass undertones he makes in the comment section.. Our learning objectives today is centered around understanding gender and exploring trans identities. Peep game Roble you evoking biology in regards to trans identities does not negate my argument that Trans women are Women. I’m usually use to the pseudo science being weaponized to deny trans existence.. this shit really what I do and I told you Stay In Your Lane, but nahh you just had to lead with the idea of the social construct of gender being biological 🤦🏿 EDUCATION IS ELEVATION POTNA"

A Black man challenging homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy and toxic masculinity...whew! We love to see it!

David Johns, Executive Director of The National Black Justice Coalition, the nation's largest Black LGBTQ civil rights organization had this to say on Instagram about Lee's rebuttal to Roblé:

"Much like my brother educator @theconsciouslee, I’m also trying to understand why so many people seem invested in transphobia and upholding ignorant and ill-informed feelings that could be fixed with simple google searches," said Johns.

"What so many continue to miss or ignore is that disclosure demands kill, especially when you’re Black and trans, Black and non-binary, Black and queer, is Black and living with HIV.

Disclosure demands enact anti-Black and White supremacist tendencies. Check your desire to demand things of others you wouldn’t consent to.#Period"

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