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Black Men Have To Do A Better Job Of Protecting Black Trans Women

In the aftermath of the brutal attack of Minnesota trans woman Iyanna Dior, Living Out Loud 2.0 would like to create space to honor our Black trans sisters and brothers, specifically Black trans women and the leaders on the ground who are organizing on the communities behalf. We also believe that it's important that the lives of Black trans folks are celebrated while they are alive and not just posthumously.

Living Out Loud 2.0 has chosen to spotlight four Black trans women (out of many) who are doing vital work to move the needle of progress forward for the Black trans community.

We hope that cisgender straight and gay men will be quicker to listen than to speak in this instance. Black trans women are the arbiters of their own truth and are in the best position to educate us all. Our hope is that the following videos will spark conversation and serve as a teaching tool to bridge the divide.

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