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Donald Lawrence Throws Palm Tree Shade On IG Battles: ‘Save Your Data, I’m Not Interested’

While over three million people tuned in to watch Black music icons Babyface and Teddy Riley go head-to-head during an Instagram battle of hits on Monday night, there is at least one hitmaker who is unbothered by the quarantine pastime and has no desire to entertain the masses in this way. In a now deleted Instagram post, gospel artist Donald Lawrence

broke out his best Christian shade to let his fans know that their requests for him to join the trend is falling on deaf ears.

"As far as The East is from The West or The North is from The South" that distance is still not greater than my lack of interest in a "Song Battle. Stay In, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe," wrote Lawrence.

Lawd. Who taught the choir director to read like that?

Some of Lawrence's LGBTQ fans called the shade "unnecessary" and predicted he'd regret the post, which could explain why it has been deleted. Unfortunately, the internet keeps receipts.

Lawrence recently served as the musical director for the hit Lifetime movie: "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel."

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