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Filmmaker Brings Tenderness, Vulnerability of Black Gay Love To the Screen In 'Bill & Robert'

Brandon C. Smith (left) and Nathaniel Ryan (right) co-star in the short film "Bill & Robert."

New York City-based poet, writer, and first-time filmmaker Kamaria J. Hodge could have let fear and inexperience stop her from stepping into the director’s chair, but not only would that have been an affront to her gift as an artist, it would have deprived the world of the beautiful gift that is “Bill & Robert,” the short film that serves as Hodge’s directorial debut and is scheduled to make it’s Atlanta premiere during the virtual Out On Film Festival kicking off on September 24.  

Kamaria J. Hodge

“Bill & Robert” is a love story told in chronological order between two Black men in New York City in 1967 that blooms just five years after homosexuality was decriminalized in the United States. Bill & Robert are two young gay black men who despite their environment and the stigma associated with their sexual identities, are accepting of who they are individually, and who they become together.

“Although, we do not often (if ever), see two Black men who are kind to one another, and who choose to love each other and spend a life together, in the media or in movies and television, we in the Black community and in the Black LGBTQIA community know that it exists,” said Hodge. 

Click here to continue reading and to watch the trailer for "Bill & Robert" along with The Reckoning's interview with Hodge and Smith.

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