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'Noah's Arc' Alum Jensen Atwood to Premiere New Music Video + 'Jumping The Broom' Screening

Multitalented performer and sex symbol Jensen Atwood has been keeping busy after the end of the beloved gay television series "Noah's Arc." Atwood is set to premiere the music video for his previously released cover of Alicia Keys' number one single "Unthinkable" on May 8. The music video will premiere during a special screening of the Patrik-Ian Polk film "Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom," during the "Black, Gay, Stuck At Home" series. "Broom" stars Atwood along with all of the original cast members from the series.

"Unthinkable" is directed by Theshay West and was shot over a two-day period in Atlanta at the beginning of 2020. Co-director and producer Anthony Antoine tells Living Out Loud 2.0 that the video is "intentionally very Atlanta, " with cameos by radio and drag personality Miss Sophia, exotic dancer Mustang and local promoter Warren Huntley.

(Left to Right) Jensen Atwood, Miss Sophia (Center), Anthony Antoine

"I sent him (Jensen) a message on Twitter after the song was released and he replied, "yes" to me producing his music video," says Antoine. "This was one of my 2020 goals," he added.

Living Out Loud 2.0 had the opportunity to screen "Unthinkable" along with behind-the scenes footage prior to the premiere, and we're pretty sure our screen melted from all of the fire in every frame of this video! And the intentional casting of full-figured beauty Nzinga Imani, alongside the typical video vixen, shoots this video into the stratosphere during the final moments. You'll have to see it for yourself.

But while you still have a week to wait to see the visual for "Unthinkable," you can check Atwood out in the science fiction trailer for "Once Upon A Lifetime."

"I'm super duper excited about this one! Sci-fi is where my heart is," writes Atwood on Facebook.

Be sure to sign up to screen "Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom" and to see "Unthinkable" here.

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