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Representation Matters: LGBTQ Characters of Color Now Streaming on the Small Screen

Are you zooming through your quarantine watchlist as quickly as we are? If so, then you'll probably want to check out a few of these gems featuring LGBTQ people of color. From Network TV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and even viral clips—there's something here to satisfy the taste of every LGBTQ viewer of color.

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

This Netflix comedy series "Never Have I Ever" is next on our list to binge. Here's what PRIDE Editor Taylor Henderson had to say about the show:

Like the plots of many a teen dramedy, the nerdy sophomores make it their mission to secure boyfriends in the hopes of elevating their social status, but a problem quickly arises in Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) when she's forced to confront the idea that she might not like boys. 
...the show is full of hilarious and heartwarming moments that are exciting viewers everywhere, so much so that in just a day, actress Lee Rodriguez already has stans.

Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist (NBC)

The gay star of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist belts "I Will Follow Him," the classic song popularized by Little Peggy March in 1963 (and again by nuns in 1992'sSister Act), in the season finale of the NBC musical dramedy.
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is about a woman (Levy) who acquires the supernatural ability to hear other people’s thoughts as songs. The Glee alumnus plays Zoey’s musically gifted neighbor, who has helped her understand and navigate her newfound abilities.
Zoey's finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Watch a clip of Newell's performance via The Advocate.

9-1-1 (FOX)

We're embarrassed to admit that we've been sleeping on "9-1-1." The show is in it's third season and we haven't seen a single episode. Yes, we already have a binge date scheduled.

The show follows the lives and careers of emergency response providers who put their lives at risk to save others. "9-1-1" features a Black lesbian couple played by the talented actresses Tracie Thoms and Aisha Hinds who are mothers to a son.

"9-1-1- is available for streaming here and on Hulu.

Viral Clips

Don Lemon (CNN)

Openly gay CNN anchor Don Lemon is going viral for his take-down of VP Mike Pence after his blatant display of hypocrisy regarding the application of masks during COVID-19. Pence recently visited the Mayo Clinic without wearing one.

Watch Lemon's remarks here.

Oprah Winfrey & Dennis Rodman

Oprah Winfrey is providing a cringe-worthy moment for a lot of people after a 25-year-old interview with retired NBA star Dennis Rodman resurfaced on Twitter.

It shows Rodman being asked about his sexuality, which has always been a hot topic of conversation.
When Oprah questioned whether he was worried about his “sense of sexuality” as a young person, Rodman replied, “I was very scared to be around boys. I didn’t know how I would fit in because I was so shy.” Then, in a truly cringeworthy moment by today’s standards, Oprah flat out asked if he was gay. When he said “no,” she said she believed him. Then she immediately asked if he was bisexual. When he said “no” again, she asked whether he had ever “thought about” having sex with another man.

Watch the video here via Queerty.

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