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Terrell & Jarius: Gay Atlanta Family Featured on Good Morning America

Atlanta couple and digital creators Terrell & Jarius are opening up about their journey to fatherhood through surrogacy with Good Morning America. At 27-years-old, the married couple is defying stereotypes, living out their version of the American Dream, and are becoming 'possibility models' for other Black gay men of what can be achieved if one desires marriage and family.

"With fatherhood in general and Black fatherhood, I know that historically, [the stereotype is dads] aren't involved. We can be active in our kids' lives and give them everything that they dream of, or at least try to," Terrell told "Good Morning America." "Being same-sex parents ... we're not raising our kids to be in a sexual identity or to think a specific type of way other than being open-minded."
"Breaking all of those stereotypes ... bit by bit, I think, has always been our goal," he added.
To that end, the Josephs -- who were eager to start a family -- said when they looked around, there weren't others who had a story like theirs, so they decided to document their lives.
"We didn't see any people of color that were in a same-sex marriage relationship that we can follow along on a journey that were having kids, so that we can kind of see, 'OK, are we doing this right?' So we just decided to kind of fill the void, and be the testers and share our journey," Terrell said.

Read the full article here to learn more about the couple's complicated, but ultimately successful journey to fatherhood.

Watch Terrell & Jarius share their story with GMA in the clip below.

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