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The Gay Bionic Man: Lovell Lykaon Opens Up About Life As An Adult Entertainer, Artist, and Amputee

Lovell Lykaon (Image via Twitter)

There’s a three-day period in Lovell Lykaon’s life where he has no recollection of the events that transpired that caused him to be admitted into the hospital as a non-disabled person, only to leave with all of his limbs amputated. The 27-year-old Atlanta native, graphic designer, musician, and adult entertainer tells The Reckoning that his usual stroll in the park during the fall of 2019 turned out to be the beginning of a dramatic shift in his life within a matter of days.

“All I remember was going home from the park with my bestie,” said Lykaon.

“I remember making it home. And she said, I went out, and I came back. My job was at [the retail store] Guess at the time. I’m thinking I was about to go up to Woodstock, Georgia to work at Guess, and I woke up in the hospital, like, what happened? And when I woke up, I couldn’t move, bandages were all wrapped up and everything. I felt my legs, but at the time they didn’t tell me they were going to amputate me, they said they just wanted me to recover. They said sepsis got into my bloodstream, which ended up spreading from my feet all the way up. It was attacking my body,” he said.

“It went from sepsis to a blood infection, which caused gangrene. The gangrene turned my limbs black, and by the time that happened, there was nothing they could do. My limbs were black, my feet were solid [black] almost to my knees and my hands were black.”

Lykaon says even after his doctor clarified that amputation would be necessary in order to stop the gangrene from spreading, he still tried to maintain his usual positive outlook, despite being so sick that he was vomiting black blood. It was soon thereafter that Lykaon’s positivity turned into despair.

“How am I gonna live like this?,” Lykaon recalls asking himself as he laid in his hospital bed confused and trying to remember the events that led him there. “I literally told them the next day after the amputation, I was like, just let me go, let it be,” he said.

But Lykaon’s husband of one year, who is referred to only by the single screen name, Kameo, also an adult entertainer and CEO of Atlanta-based Kameo Entertainment, refused to let him give up. The pair started dating after Kameo accepted an invitation from Lykaon to attend an erotic photoshoot at his home nearly seven years ago. And while they are partners in marriage, it’s not uncommon for followers of Lykaon’s sexy alter ego, @BionicXxXBunny on Twitter, or subscribers of @lovell_lykaon on Only Fans to see the couple partnering in business, too. Lykaon bravely ventured back in front of the camera to co-star with Kameo in scenes for his Only Fans, without his prosthetic limbs. A move that was met with both praise and intense scrutiny.

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