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Uh Oh: 'POSE' Star Indya Moore Tweets 'Disappointment' In Billy Porter's 2019 Emmy Speech

Indya Moore (left) and Billy Porter (right) at the 2019 Emmy Awards. (Images via Instagram)

We were wondering what the trans women of POSE thought about Billy Porter's ascension into the ranks of the Hollywood elite, and now we know that one co-star is less than pleased about how Porter's increased visibility and award wins have come at the cost of the erasure of the Black trans women at the heart of their show.

"For now, I'll say- I'm not responsible for the ways Billy or any other cis man or person fail to represent, acknowledge or directly support me and the other incredible and brilliant trans talent on our show. I'm also hurt and disappointed, have been for a while," wrote Indya Moore on Twitter.

The tweet was in response to a follower's prompt for Moore to respond to comments Porter made during a backstage press interview following his historic 2019 Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.

When asked directly by a reporter about his win coming at the expense of the trans women on the show being "ignored," Porter had this to say: "I don’t live in bittersweet. I live in the present. I live in the positive. The fact that we’re in the building…is the point. Right? We’re in the building. The world has changed. Period. That’s where we are and now we have another season and now they’ll get their shot.”

Moore isn't the first cast member to address the lack of acknowledgment of the trans women on POSE by the cis folks who run Hollywood, but she is definitely the first to name names. Angelica Ross also voiced her frustration in a video last month after her incredibly moving performance from season 2 failed to garner an Emmy nomination, even after a strong campaign for the nomination.

Something tells us this will be an ongoing conversation until the powers that be learn that inclusivity is more than a buzz word.

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