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WATCH: ACLU Of Georgia Legal Director Talks Turning Out The LGBTQ Vote, Early Voting Do's And Don'ts

Your power is in your vote. The 2020 presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most important elections in the history of modern politics. And with voter enthusiasm at an all-time high and record turnout during the first week of early voting in Georgia, it’s imperative that voters are equipped with the information they need in order to successfully cast their ballot. 

With so much misinformation and “alternative facts” permeating national discourse around voting, the team behind The Reckoning wanted to present fact-based information about early voting, your rights as a voter, and a reminder about what’s at stake in the upcoming election. 

Sean J. Young, Legal Director of ACLU of Georgia, sat down with The Reckoning to discuss these important issues, one of which, he says, is as simple as having a plan to vote. 

“Make a commitment to vote this week. Do not wait,” said Young. “Vote this week, whether it’s by absentee ballot or voting early in-person. The lines often get longer towards the close of the early voting period. And do not wait to vote on election day. Get it done now,” he said.

Young also spoke to the importance of mobilizing Black LGBTQ people to the polls. 

“There are a lot of issues that affect people of color and LGBTQ people at stake in this election, which is why it’s critical that people vote,” said Young. 

“When turnout from certain demographic groups reaches a certain level, politicians pay attention. The other reason why it’s so important to vote is in recognition of our history. People have fought and bled and died to buy the precious right to vote for people of color, “ he said. “This country has had centuries of voter suppression against people of color, which is why, it is so important, in a way, paradoxically for people to vote.” 

Watch our in-depth interview with Young on early voting to get the answers to commonly asked questions about the process here.

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