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WATCH: PA Rep.Malcolm Kenyatta Appears On DNC With Fiancé Dr. Matthew Miller

As we reported on Living Out Loud 2.0 on Tuesday, openly gay Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta (181st District-North Philadelphia) was one of 17 rising political stars and the only openly gay Black man to participate in the keynote address delivered during the second night of the Democratic National Convention. But viewers received a bonus during Kenyatta's pre-recorded remarks when his fiancé, Dr. Matthew Miller joined him onscreen for a brief but captivating moment that undoubtedly reverberated across America.

The Philadelphia power couple spoke on the significance of Joe Biden's support of their relationship.

Kenyatta: "When I wanted to marry the man I loved, Joe Biden was the first national figure to support me and my family. "

Miller: "Appreciate you man."

That "appreciate you man" has us completely verklempt. And we're not alone. The couple's clip became a topic of discussion on CNN's New Day during an interview with openly gay former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The couple also woke up to their faces on the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday morning. In a tweet, Kenyatta wrote: "If you had told me one day I’d be on the cover of the @PhillyInquirer holding the hand of my future husband, while watching myself speak as part of the @DemConvention keynote I would have laughed you out the room."

Kenyatta also took a moment to reflect on his mother's passing and how proud she would be of him if she'd lived to see her son speak at the Democratic National Convention.

And finally, more doting on his future husband. We love to see it!

This is America. This is the Democratic party—where the tent is big enough for all Americans regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Where diversity is celebrated and not just tolerated. Kenyatta and Miller are living examples of this diversity. Visibility matters. Representation matters.

Watch Kenyatta during the DNC in the clip below as he talks about "essential workers, the need for PPE, the small businesses that make our neighborhoods what they are, and about the equality all our families deserve."

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