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WATCH: 'Pose' Star Dyllon Burnside Teases New Doc On LGBTQ Life Down South

"Pose" star Dyllon Burnside is giving fans a new documentary on LGBTQ life in the South while we await the third season of the hit FX ballroom drama.

Burnside is traveling back to his hometown of Pensacola, Florida and neighboring southern states in the upcoming "PBS Voices," one of several documentaries being offered through PBS Digital Studios.

"I've always known that I'm attracted to men," said Burnside in the trailer. "I chose to leave my home. I chose to leave my family in order to find a new support system and a group of people who would understand and who could accept and embrace all of me."

Burnside took to Twitter to share his excitement about the upcoming documentary.

The tweet was met with praise from trans activist and "Pose" writer/director Janet Mock, as well as from Dashaun Wesley, a ballroom legend and star of the upcoming vogue competition series, "Legendary."

New content on the PBS Voices Digital Series platform launches on May 26. Burnside's hour-long documentary is scheduled to air on June 12.

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