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X Factor UK Winner Dalton Harris, Invites Fans In, Reveals He's Pansexual

Dalton Harris may not be a household name in America yet, but the 2018 X Factor UK winner is no stranger to audiences overseas. The Jamaican born singer is making headlines after he published a series of tweets on Oct 15 confirming his pansexual identity, and his experience with suicidal thoughts that pushed him to live openly in his truth.

Harris, then tweeted an image of the pansexaul flag, and in a defiant move, took aim at his critics:

Harris urged his followers to not "let anyone bully you into silence that’s what they want. You don’t speak up for them you speak up for yourself and others like you," he wrote on Twitter.

Harris also noted that as a result of his tweets, "the term "Pansexual" was googled a record amount of times in Jamaica."

“Thank you for everything. I am growing. Opinions don’t matter anymore, but you are welcomed to wasting yours, Harris wrote on Instagram⁣. "To anyone that struggles. I will be sharing how to get help in a few days. I will take a break to focus on my recovery and healing and be with the people who love me. ⁣Privacy and honesty are different things and no one is entitled to ME. I will never ask for acceptance from anyone that struggles to accept me in the slightest bit. That is done and over with.⁣ Lastly, ⁣To the boys with fragile egos, I am a TOP to you and your girlfriend. Or non-binary partner."

Watch Harris' incredible X Factor UK audition in the clip below:

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